The first meeting between Fast Trade, fasteners solution provider of reference for the EMEA market, and Neopro, the new Spanish fastener company formed by the Comafe and QF Plus cooperatives, was held last January 11 at the Headquarters in Veduggio con Colzano, Italy, to discuss together the possibility of expanding the current level of cooperation. «Fast Trade Iberica is one of the main distributors of standard fasteners for the fastener sector,» says Jordi Freixas, Fast Trade Iberica Country Manager, «but thanks to its well-structured sales network in the territory, joined by the digital channel with e-commerce, and the Fontana Gruppo experience and know-how, it is ready to enter the Neopro circuit.» The presidents and general managers of Comafe and QF Plus, along with a group of members, attended the meeting and then visited the Fontana Luigi S.p.A. plant.